ECOLYTE Ultra Pure De-Mineralized Water for Chemicals and Cosmetic Formulations/Medical Equipment’s/ Inverter /Battery(5 Ltr.)

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ECOLYTE Ultra Pure De-Mineralized Water for Chemicals and Cosmetic Formulations/Medical Equipment’s/ Inverter /Battery(5 Ltr.)
"ECOLYTE Demineralized Water Helps Humidifiers Function Properly, ECOLYTE Demineralized Water is free of toxins, it is also perfect for cooking ECOLYTE Demineralized Water is virtually pure water and will leave hair shiny, soft, manageable and healthy. There is no better water for wound cleansing, sterilization, any medical machines that require water or rinsing equipment.
Every batch tested for ppm and tds (total dissolved solids) for quality assurance.
We produce all of our Deionized Water IBCs using our high-quality Demineralization Plant, which is built using a technologically advanced process and is capable of producing water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every batch is tested for PH, PPM and TDS for quality assurance, providing us with peace of mind.
We produce Standard Grade Deionized Water IBCs to meet the specification of both the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) grades at a conductivity level of <1.3 microsiemens consistently.
Additionally, we produce Laboratory Grade Ultra Pure Deionized Water to meet the EP and USP Water for Injection (WFI) specifications with conductivity of <0.5 microsiemens consistently.
The team at Ecolyte+ can work with you to tailor your order to your specification, just ask! We can provide solutions to your DI water requirements for the long term, for maximum efficiency when doing business with us. It is our priority to deliver a service that satisfies your needs.
Ecolyte+ supply water to a wide range of customers including companies in industries such as Cosmetics, food manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, engineering, water treatment power generation, automotive, and environmental service.
Our top priority is to provide a service that meets our client demands. Our unique approach & unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, has made us a leader in our field and we are very proud to have been awarded the title of “Best Innovative Company in Disinfection and Cleaning Industry – UAE” by International Business Magazine .
We are happy to supply DI Water to any organization of any size. If you need DI water, we are the best choice.
Cosmetic Use:
The cosmetic industry uses ECOLYTE Demineralized water which is free of impurities in the procedure of their products.
Chemical and Industrial Laboratories :
ECOLYTE Demineralized water is used in labs around the world where highly
purified water is essential.
Automotive Cooling Systems :
Ions and minerals present in tap water are usually corrosive in nature and
wipe out the anti-corrosive additives present in a radiator
Steam irons for pressing clothes :
Absence of any mineral substance in ECOLYTE Demineralized water improves the irons longevity.
Lead acid batteries in cars and trucks:
Presence of ions in tap water can cause damage to the battery and lead, ECOLYTE Demineralized water is free of such ions and commonly used in these batteries."