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    Oblivio Perfumes – OUD Al Basmah / OBVPF0028

    Dhs. 150.00

    لا تكتمل صورة الشرق دون عود البخور ، فأكملناه بعود بخور ملكى ، يثقل قطع العود بنسمات عطرية تضفى رائحى الفخامة والاصالة العربية .


    Dhs. 300.00

    Oud & patchouliالباتشولي و الزعفران العود, خشب الصندل و خشب الأرزSaffron & Amberبخور، عنبر ، مسك ، صندل ،زعفران, سوسنRose & roseورد تركي ، ماء ورد ، مسك ، زيت...


    Dhs. 100.00

    Specially made for Kandoura & Abaya.Ingredients : alcohol, water ( aqua ),French fragrance.Caution : flammable until dry, do not use near fire flame or heat for external use


    Dhs. 130.00

    Suitable for home, furniture, carpet, clothes and cars.Ingredients : alcohol, water ( aqua ),French fragrance.Caution : flammable until dry, do not use near fire flame or heatfor external use

    VOLK – Perfume _ INCENSE WOOD / VPF0004

    Dhs. 493.50

    This fragrance sing with the ancient resonant voice of aromatic hearken back thousands of years and there smoky venerable tones play upon the collective unconscious of the wearer, feeling distinctly...

    VOLK – Perfume _ DISCOVERY KIT 15ML / VPF0010

    Dhs. 556.50

    By Volk luxury creates pleasant sensations. Made of high end edu oils from france, this unisex perfumes helps you feel confident and comfortable. This sensual fragrance will add a touch...

    VOLK – Perfume _ LA1 LUPUS ARCTOS / VPF0001

    Dhs. 472.50

    Lupus Arctus perfume from Volk luxury evoking the private exchanges and insider moments where fantasies come true, the scent can only be described in one way, the vibrant opening makes...

    VOLK – Perfume _ LC1 LUPUS CANIS / VPF0002

    Dhs. 472.50

    Lupus canis perfume the herbal perfume gold leather created by volk luxury incorporates such a timeless notion. Among its main ingredients you will find a leather and oud accord, bergamot...

    VOLK – Perfume _ EXTREME RUFUS / VPF0003

    Dhs. 493.50

    Extreme rufus new version of lupos rusfus perfume with intoxication grip captures a rarefield airOpulent and venomous, rufus is featuring the obsessive cares of amber and suede and the velvet...

    VOLK – Perfume _ MIDNIGHT SAFFRON / VPF0008

    Dhs. 493.50

    Rich and deep, the perfume midnight saffron by volk luxury creates pleasant sensations. Made of sandalwood from Australia, bergamot from Italy and saffron from Persian, this unisex perfume helps you...

    VOLK – Perfume _ INFUSION IRIS / VPF0005

    Dhs. 493.50

    Created by Volk Luxury, the floral fragrance INFUCION IRIS is a unisex perfume full of sparkling vitality that highlight the natural beauty of every man and woman this classy fragrance...

    VOLK – Perfume _ INTENSE OUD / VPF0006

    Dhs. 493.50

    A luxuriously dark and mysterious fragrance that magnifies the intensity of precious oud,INTENSE OUD By VOLK LUXURY is set against the backdrop of opulent rose, threading freshness throughout a bold,...

    VOLK – Perfume _ ROSE OUD / VPF0009

    Dhs. 493.50

    The language of flower is the most expressive of all, it will offer you variety of nuances between light and dark. Reflecting the depth of your emotions.A pleasant smell will...

    VOLK – Perfume _ LEATHER BLEND / VPF0007

    Dhs. 493.50

    LEATHER BLEND By VOLK LUXURY is unisex perfume with a touch of glamor and intrigue with leatherIts magnificent blend of sweet and moky note highlights the middle east inspiration with...

    Perfume – Soul by Reemster EDP 100ml / REEM-100

    Dhs. 225.75

    A masculine aromatic long lasting fragranceTop Notes: Jasmin & gingerBase Notes: sandalwood, white musk and patchouliFragrance: Made in franceEDP – 100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – R30 / ALR030

    Dhs. 200.00

    Luxurious Unisex Eastern perfumeMix of fruits, Damascus roses, amber, musk and honey flower100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – RFVIP / ALR005

    Dhs. 200.00

    Unisex Eastern perfumeMix of Cambodian oud, patchouli, jasmine, rose pepper and amber100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – RF212 / ALR212

    Dhs. 200.00

    Unisex Arabic Special perfumeMix of dukhoon, leather, patchouli and cambodian oud100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – RF777 / ALR777

    Dhs. 200.00

    Unisex French with special touch perfumeMix of sweet and Musk100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – R12 / ALR012

    Dhs. 200.00

    Unisex Eastern perfumeMix of wood, spices, citrus and amber100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – R4 / ALR004

    Dhs. 200.00

    French Female PerfumeMix of Citrus and powder100 ML

    AL Reef Perfume – BOX / ALR007

    Dhs. 500.00

    Gift your beloved ones with the luxurious 3 perfumes 100 ML box from ALREEF1-Al Reef Perfume – RFVIP / ALR005Unisex Eastern perfumeMix of Cambodian oud , patchouli, jasmine, rose pepper...

    Oblivio Perfumes – DOKHOUN ELEGANCE / OBVPF0027

    Dhs. 130.00

    دهون الفخامة ، هو احتفاء بالرائحة الأصلية ، بخور شرقى مصنوع بمزيج من الجلود ، العود .. حيث ان التوتات العطرية العليا منعشة وابرز مكوناتها الجريب فروت والبرغموت ، للتتجانس...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Amour - 100 ML / OBVPF0001

    Dhs. 300.00

    From the country of life, love, and romance, France. We came to you with the flowers of the night full of love and romance, a distinctive opening that brings your...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Bayukat - 100 ML / OBVPF0002

    Dhs. 315.00

    From the far north, specifically Russia "Moscow", we brought you a mixture of fruit notes inspired by the red square in Moscow, which is distinguished by the cathedral with its...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Heart of Cyprus - 100 ML / OBVPF0003

    Dhs. 410.00

    From the islands surrounding the Mediterranean, and specifically the jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus, we take you on a journey from the heat of the desert to the beauty of...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Kuramathi - 100 ML / OBVPF0004

    Dhs. 370.00

    "From the chain of atolls, relaxing and romantic islands, the Maldives, we drew inspiration from the beauty of the beaches and the romantic atmosphere for you in a bottle ,as...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Magnifico - 100 ML / OBVPF0005

    Dhs. 300.00

    One of the founding cities of Western civilization, from Italy - Rome, we mixed the history of Western civilization with the originality of the East, as the opening notes of...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Misterio - 100 ML / OBVPF0006

    Dhs. 290.00

    Our passion is the love of tropical fruits and the sweetness of the mango fruit, from the heart of Abu Dhabi to the hometown of Samba Brazil, especially to the...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Mystery oud - 100 ML / OBVPF0007

    Dhs. 320.00

    In the light of our departure from the usual, we were inspired by the scents of the Empty Quarter and the heritage of the Emirates with a French touch, as...

    Oblivio Perfumes - prernah - 100 ML / OBVPF0008

    Dhs. 390.00

    From the source of spices and spices India and Sri Lanka, we bring to you a mixture of spices in a perfume bottle characterized by elegance and distinction as the...

    Oblivio Perfumes - 1ST OCTOBER - 50 ML / OBVPF0017

    Dhs. 200.00

    "Inspired of Emirates heritage, of October notes of saying goodbye to Summer & welcoming winter abroad.MIx of Vanilia, pachouli , amber, jasmine & oud? "

    Oblivio Perfumes - Limited edition 2021 - 50 ML / OBVPF0018

    Dhs. 250.00

    The fragrance of wars and originality, inspired by the Persian wars and the luxury of Indian ingredients, with an Emirati touch, we launched perfume 2021 for a limited period and...

    Oblivio Perfumes - NO 11 - 50 ML / OBVPF0019

    Dhs. 180.00

    A warm floral fragrance, as the top notes of the fragrance are bergamot & cardamom, where the scent of ylang-ylang and jasmine is enveloped in the heart of the fragrance,...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Amazegh - 100 ML / OBVPF0021

    Dhs. 250.00

    From the heart of Morocco, especially civilization and the Amazegh tribe ??‡²??‡¦.As the opening notes of the fragrance are bergamot and pink pepper.And frankincense comes in the heart of the...

    Oblivio Perfumes - Lux Oud - 100 ML / OBVPF0023

    Dhs. 310.00

    From London, specifically from the Strait of Dover that separates it from the state of France, where beauty and art meet with a touch of tenderness and romance, as the...

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